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"Under Jessa's warm gaze, I could talk for hours."


Jessa is the kind of bartender who can lend an ear almost as well as she can land a punch. Her easy-going charm and savvy wit make her bar neutral ground in the galactic underworld. Can you earn her trust and sweep this romantic off her feet?

If you join her...

"Jessa is a natural teacher. She's so nice with every customer... even when they really don't deserve it."- Roux

"Jessa takes care of the bar for sure, but when she's off the clock, I can count on her making the most of it."- Astrid Moon

Season 1

As you begin a job that will cement your reputation as the galaxy's top private investigator, your heart pulls you back to the bar where you met the flirty and enigmatic bartender, Jessa Flexand, last Sweetheart's Day. But the closer you get to Jessa, the more your case starts to unravel. Could there be something hiding behind Jessa's sweet charm and killer smile?

Season 2

You're over the moons when Jessa asks you to take on a missing persons case together. But as you delve deeper in the colony's dark side, you begin to understand that Jessa's beauty and charm are not just the reasons you're falling for her--they're tools for survival. In a world, where friends feel like enemies and a fight can turn on a cred, you're not sure who to trust. Will Jessa be the one you turn to or will you get caught in the crossfire?

Season 3

After angering a malicious patron of Jessa's bar, you're on the run! With each new hideout, you and Jessa rely on sweet messages and midnight trysts to keep your flame afire. But when the chance to remove the bounty on your head comes up, Jessa fears you'll get hurt by a tangled web of underworld ploys and power grabs. Will you be able to maneuver around the minefield and convince Jessa that love doesn't always end in heartbreak?

Season 4

What starts as a standard PI assignment to reclaim sensitive intel for Jessa's brother turns into a complex web of misinformation that threatens to destroy the love you and Jessa have just begun to explore. Will your relationship be able to survive the ultimate test when the villainous Sorco leads a deadly siege on Jessa's establishment?

Season 5

As you and Jessa partner together and struggle to restore both the bar and its reputation, salvation comes with the arrival of Hesper Astralis, a friend from Jessa's past. But Hesper's silent partnership comes with a price--performing courier and surveillance jobs for her that have you questioning their legality. Can your deepening romance navigate the shades of gray?

Season 6

Your wedding plans with Jessa are interrupted by the sudden reappearance of your ex, Slake Makowan, who introduced you to the world of private investigation but then betrayed you and broke your heart. You and Jessa soon find yourselves in a competition with him to unravel the mystery of her parent's deaths years ago. Can the forever love you desire with Jessa pass this ultimate test?


  • She has secretly hidden the cupid wings from Sweetheart's Day.
  • She loves to relax with a nice cup of tea.
  • Her biggest pet peeve is getting blaster plasma on her cute dress.
  • Jessa has a great memory and remembers everyone's drink.
  • She loves watching people who are on their first date.
  • She is surprisingly athletic and is always up to shoot some holo-hoops.[1]
  • In Jaxon's season 2 and Orion's season 1, she or a similar looking bartender makes an appearance.
  • Her character model is also depicted in Antonio's Season 1 on television when the MC and Antonio watch a documentary about aliens and pyramids.
  • Jessa collects vintage Earthen movies and books. She loves how timeless the stories are.[2]